mona lisa leonardo da vinci the joconde
It took more than 200 years to understand L D V's writing. He wrote from right to left in order to be sure his writings would be deciphered only by using a mirror.
" My madness for reflections lead to my love for mirrors(………The mirror, then, became a tight passage between the visible and the invisible. I 'd looked at myself in my ancertor's one. Would he murmur in my ear a revelation about the unknown man I felt I was? Some time later, I thought the mirror cheated. I Read the " Emerald Table " again: " what is above looks like what is below, what is below looks like what is above ". That was evident for me, fo course, but in a reverse order. That was what the old alchemists used to teach: in the mirror of art, they did assure, the microcosm was reflected, the great universe the microcosm of which, the little universe-ours- is the miniature cliché "
Extracts from. Léonard de Vinci, by Renée Paule Guillot, Jacques Grancher's Editions, p. 172 and 173

Would a mirror be useful to Read " the Joconde " ? ...Let's try.

First let's turn it round (what is below looks like what is above).

mona lisa la joconde

Then, let's put a mirror in front of the center.

mona lisa la joconde

Let's now have a look at the symbols which may be hidden in Mona Lisa (" La Joconde ")

« ‘Thot’, symbol of divine intelligence, incarnates thought, divine word. ’Thot’pure cosmic intelligence, above the world. He can stir up in each of us the divine spark. His message is shown through symbols. » Extract from Magic and Initiation or Pharaonic Egypt, René Lachaud. zoom cynocephale
etoile jocondeThe union of the sky and the art is the same thing as the union of the two divine natures, divine and human, in the person of Christ , as he is considered as the universal man.
Dish constellation: don’t the priests and the initiated people to mysteries drink out of a dish a celestal liquid? This visionnairy dish is an oracle instrument, too.It was used by the gods such as Isis, the magician, who prophesied the day of the Nile floods at Sirus star rise.
Such a dish can be said to contain some god's blood as well as the Graal dish. This dish is a sign of monarchy.
zoom vase
zoom lotusBorn of darkness, it comes out in full light. Symbol of spiritual blooming it isn’t turnished by the swampy waters which rule over its birth.
The lotus represents the revelation coming from it and opening out like the egg of the world. The closed button is the exact equivalent of this egg, the breaking off of which corresponds to the coming out of the flower. Realisation of the human being capacities, initial germ,as art is a closed lotus too. I n Egypt, this is the symbol of birth and rebirth.
The serpent which appears in the lotus could represent the vital principle of all the forces of nature. It is what animates and humanly keeps the double symbol of soul and libido..
The serpent is one of the most important archetype of human soul….the artist’s soul.

The serpent could be interpretated in lots of symbolic ways. For example, it symbolized the penetration of divine in the spirit of the follower, of the initiate. So, it was the symbol of initiation and, further on, of the secret doctrine revealed by initiation.
zoom serpent
Disconnected things will be joigned together and will get by themselves, such great virtue that they will return to men their lost memory: it’s the papyrus sheets made of detached pieces that will perpetuate the memory of human thoughts and actions.